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One of the JNTO's aims is to provide convenient materials for you to help plan and promote your event in Japan. On this page, you can find videos and photos to help you add imagery to your presentations or marketing materials, planning guides and a sample presentation.

Video Footage and Photos

Here you can view and download video footage and photos of various aspects of Japan, from venues to sightseeing spots and more. You can search either by city or category (hotel, cuisine, etc).

Promotional Video

Feel free to download and use this promotional video, which sums up the attractions of Japan for meetings and events. The video is available in three different lengths to best suit your presentation.

Case Study Video

This case study video provides actual images of meetings, incentive tours, conventions or events held here in Japan to help support your proposal and ideas. The video is available in four different languages.

International Convention [2min43sec]

International Event [3min07sec]

Incentive Tour [3min11sec]

Incentive Event [1min43sec]


The case study video provides introduction of the Akasaka Palace used as a unique venue. The following unique venue promotional video enables you to see the one and only Japanese venues throughout Japan. They are available in four different languages.

Case Study Video – Experiencing the One and Only [4min08sec]

Unique Venue Promotional Video –
Meet Someplace Unexpected: Japan's Unique Venues [2min23sec]

Interview Video

This interview video was made during MPI (Meeting Professionals International) delegates visited Japan in December, 2016. The delegates visited Yokohama, including the inspection of IME (International Meetings Expo 2016); Tokyo; and Kyoto. You can see their comments and experience in Japan through this video.

MPI Delegates Meet in Japan [3min16sec]

Japan Convention Cities Guidebook (PDF)

This guidebook introduces 52 cities and regions in Japan, and provides a brief summary of the most basic information and support measures required for reviewing meetings & events.

Japan: Competitiveness in Academia and Industry (PDF)

This guidebook provides overviews of 12 Japanese cities that are leading venues for international conferences.

Japan Supplements & Mini Guides (PDF)

TTG MICE 2015.9

PCMA 2015.9

AMI 2015.11

M&IT 2015.11

Headquarters 2016.2

TTG MICE 2016.2

cei 2016.7

C&IT 2016.9

TTG MICE 2016.9

Successful Meetings

M&IT 2016.11

TTG MICE 2017.2

Headquarters 2017.3

Discover the Spirit of Japan

You can view over 170 videos of a wide variety of tourist destinations that showcase the charm of Japan.

Japan Photo & Video Library

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