• Q: What assistance is offered for meetings by JNTO?

    For association meeting planners, the Japan Convention Bureau (JNTO) offers a variety of support services in the planning stages. JNTO recommends potential destinations, assists local association members preparing bid papers, lobbies key persons, provides promotional resources, assists with the planning of inspection tours and more, all using our extensive domestic and international network. For corporate meeting planners, JNTO provides advice for selecting destinations and venues, introduces options for pre and post-meeting excursions, and introduces local convention bureaus and supplier networks.

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  • Q: What assistance can local convention bureaus offer to meeting organizers in Japan?

    From assistance with the selection of convention venues, accommodation and cultural activities to include in the meeting program, to promotional resources, financial subventions and collaboration with local government and suppliers, local convention bureaus assist association meeting organizers to host memorable and more financially sound events.
    For corporate meeting planners, local convention bureaus provide advice on how to organize meetings, assisting with the selection of meeting venues and accommodation.
    As each local convention bureau offers a distinct set of services, we recommend you visiting in the City Search tool the detailed pages to see the available support plans in the destinations of interest to your event.

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  • Q: What assistance is offered for incentive organizers by the JNTO and local CVBs?

    A wide variety of support for incentive travels is provided by both JNTO and local convention bureaus, usually requiring a minimum of a month in advance for the application. For JNTO support, application must be done through the closest regional JNTO office.
    Support for incentive planners in the planning stage includes assistance with selecting the destinations, itinerary creation and planning of potential activities, sometimes assisting with the planning of inspection trips. For the actual event, support can include greeting the group, providing tourist materials and others.

  • Q: Japan has a reputation for being expensive - is this true?

    Meeting in Japan certainly is not more expensive than other destinations around the world. The idea that Japan is exceedingly expensive is an outdated one - long gone are the days where Tokyo was the most expensive city in the world. By consulting the JNTO and local convention bureaus, organizers can gain tips on how to make a meeting or incentive in Japan economical. There are a variety of types of accommodations, restaurants and facilities throughout Japan to suit all budgets. Also, many facilities and hotels offer special rates for meeting and event planners depending on certain conditions, such as the season. The JNTO and local convention bureaus are happy to help organizers find options that work best for each individual meeting or event.

  • Q: What DMCs can organizers work with?

    Please see the following link for a list of DMCs with experience organizing meetings and incentives in Japan.

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  • Q: What unique activities are available for meeting and incentive organizers in Japan?

    Japan offers an amazing variety of activities for groups visiting the country. For example, cultural experiences such as tea ceremonies in Japanese gardens, zazen (meditation) in temples, learning a Japanese martial art or technical visits to one of Japan’s world-leading companies are things that can only be experienced in Japan. We have listed some examples of activities on "Things to Do". More activities will be added in the future, and if you have any questions about specific activities please feel free to contact the JNTO.

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