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Special experience in a special place to your heart National Treasure Zuiganji, a Japanese representative Zen temple

Zuiganji in Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots of Japan, is a leading Zen temple in Oshu and has been designated as a national treasure because it is a valuable building that pass the style of Momoyama art to the present. It is also visited by many tourists every year as the family temple of Masamune Date, the military commander who established his government in Sendai. This time, you can use Zuiganji's large hall and VIP room, which are not open to the public, as unique venues. We are waiting for you also by preparing special visit plans, Zen meditation experience and sutra copying experience.


  • You can have special experience at Zuiganji, a Japanese national treasure.
  • As a special visit plan, we can guide you with the explanation by a priest to facilities that is usually not open to the public.
  • Zen meditation experience, in which you can adjust your body, breathing and mind and face yourself, and sutra copying experience as an easy mental health method to calm your mind and body down.

We can also introduce you to a special night tour by reserving the entire temple after closing.

Tour Dates


Condition of Application

  • Application period
    No later than 6 months before
  • Fees
    Discussion required
  • No. of participants
    Minimum 100 people, discussion required
  • Time required
    Discussion required
  • Other
    For use as a unique venue, please ask us separately about the fee, the applicable number of people, and time required.

*Capacity might be reduced as part of anti-COVID19 measures. Please confirm them beforehand.