2018.09.07 Travel Tips for business events guests from overseas after Typhoon Jebi

Domestic flight operations from/to KIX (Kansai International Airport) in Osaka have resumed partially from today. The operation of international flights is expected to resume gradually from Saturday September 8th.

There are also alternative ways to get to Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and other destinations in the Kansai region besides arriving at KIX.

Option 1: To Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe via Tokyo

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

To Osaka/Kobe - If flying from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), you can take connecting flights to Itami Airport (domestic airport in Osaka) or Kobe Airport.

To Kyoto – From Itami Airport, you can travel to Kyoto by airport bus. There are flights every hour between Haneda and Itami airports.

It is also possible to take the bullet train (shinkansen) from Tokyo Station. Transferring from Haneda Airport to Tokyo Station is easy and takes about 20 minutes.  

From Tokyo Station to Kyoto – 2 hr 20 min
From Tokyo Station to Osaka – 2 hr 40 min

Narita International Airport

From Narita International Airport, there are 4 daily flights to Itami Airport in Osaka. If you arrive at Narita, it might be a good choice to use these connecting flights. From Itami, you can move to Kyoto or Kobe by airport bus.

The bullet train (shinkansen) has more flexibility as it leaves for Kyoto/Osaka from Tokyo every few minutes. Transferring from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station is quite easy and takes about 50 minutes by bus or train.

Option 2: To Osaka/Kyoto via Nagoya

Chubu Centrair International Airport Nagoya is the next closest international airport to Osaka/Kyoto. You can transfer to Nagoya station from Centrair Airport by train (only 30 minutes) and take a bullet train to Osaka/Kyoto (to Osaka 1 hour, to Kyoto 40 minutes)

Another Option: Through Fukuoka International Airport or other airports

There are a lot of airports which have direct flights from overseas countries. As Itami Airport (domestic airport in Osaka) continues to operate as usual, you can fly to Itami from other airports in Japan. The shinkansen, bullet train, is also a useful option if you visit smaller cities other than Osaka.

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