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Asahikawa is a core city of 340,000 located virtually in the center of Hokkaido. With Daisetsuzan National Park—Japan’s largest—Biei, Furano and other picturesque areas in its surroundings, every season in Asahikawa features magnificent nature to delight visitors. The city has plenty of large, public convention facilities that are available for relatively inexpensive fees, and can be reserved in tandem with adjacent hotels and lodging facilities. As a longtime crossroad of Hokkaido, Asahikawa is the place for fresh farm produce and animal products from all over the island. Rice and local sakes produced with river water from Daisetsuzan and seafood plucked from the waters of the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean headline the delicious cuisine available in the area.


New Chitose Airport→Asahikawa Station:Approx. 2 hr. by train*
* Take the JR Airport Express from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo Station then take the JR Limited Express (Kamui or Lilac) from Sapporo Station to Asahikawa Station.
Asahikawa Airport→Asahikawa Station:Approx. 40 min. by bus

Venues overview

  Facility Rooms
Hotel 28 3,800
Ryokan 7 180
Total 35 3,980


Asahikawa Tourist & Convention Association

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Wind and Snow Experimental Laboratory (Building Research Department, HRO)
Wind and Snow Experimental Laboratory (Building Research Department, HRO)
Carrot Washer (Fe System Works)
Carrot Washer (Fe System Works)

1. Hokkaido Research Organization (HRO) (Building Research Department): Comprehensive study on house architecture and community development in cold regions
2. HRO (Forest Products Research Institute, Forest Research Department): Study on the utilization of wood from Hokkaido and reuse of resources
3. Taniguchi Farm: Producing tomatoes, engaging in food processing at its own factory and operating a direct sales store
4. Fe System Works Co., Ltd.: Creating added value by washing vegetables before shipping
5. GREENTEX Co., Ltd.: Using original technology to fully turn underground sludge and food waste into compost
6. Seiwa Denko Co., Ltd.: Bio-toilets for conserving water resources and equipment to decompose harmful animals

Support Programs for Convention

Support for bidding process
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
Site inspection Arranging an inspection trip for site selection
Support for hosting/preparation
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
PR Support for encouraging participation in the event
Supporting other PR activities
Conference and event preparation Providing information on PCOs, travel agencies and event management companies
Providing information on reception venues (including unique venues)
Providing information on related programs (local attractions, traditional performing arts, post-convention programs, sightseeing and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants)
Providing tourism information
Requesting nominal support
Coordinating with relevant organizations
Conference and event operation Arranging reception venues (including unique venues)
Arranging volunteers
Setting up an information desk
Providing maps/guidebooks for participants
Arranging shuttle buses
Providing convention bags
Hospitality Welcome posters and digital signage
Welcome message by the head of the local government
Providing discount tickets to tourist facilities
Providing discounts on public transportation
Dispatching tourism ambassadors
Related programs Making arrangements for attractions and traditional performing arts
Making arrangements for post-convention programs
Making arrangements for sightseeing and hands-on experiences of Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants
Arranging tour interpreters and guides

Support Programs for Incentive Travel

Support for Promoting Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Site inspection support (provision of accommodation, food, tourist activities)
Creation of draft proposals, providing information
Support During Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Airport transfer services
Welcome banners
Chartered transport (e.g. coaches)
Prepaid cards for public transport -
Venues (MICE facilities, unique venues)
Event management services
Recruiting volunteers to assist at events
Excursions, technical visits etc.
Attractions, entertainment etc.
Experience programs
Local cuisine, traditional cuisine
Greeting at airport or station -
Greeting or welcome letter from local government head
Travel brochures
Discount coupons -