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Awaji City is situated in the northern part of Awaji Island and acts as a gateway to Japan's mainland.  The city offers visitors spectacular ocean views commanding the world's longest suspension bridge, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, lush greenery, and beautiful scenery that changes by season.  Various tourist facilities dotting around the Center are perfect destinations for excursions during conventions.  The area is home to historical and cultural sites associated with Japan's creation myth.  Thanks to the abundant blessings of nature on the island, visitors are sure to enjoy the taste of seasons.  For a successful convention or event in a unique setting, Awaji City will be your perfect choice.


Kansai International Airport→Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center:Bus 110 min. (Airport Limousine Bus (65 min.)→Sannomiya Station→Bus (45 min.) )
Kansai International Airport→Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center:Bus+Taxi: 100 min. (Airport Limousine Bus (90 min.)→Awaji Interchange→Taxi (10 min.) )

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

○The International Conference Center has distinctive tea houses which feature both traditional and modern essence. They are available for VIP banquets and for experiencing Japanese culture such as tea ceremony and ikebana flower arrangement.

○Traditional performing arts appreciation
Awaji Puppet Theater boasts more than 500 years of history. Combining the narratives overflowing with emotion, and the deep sound of shamisen three-stringed musical instrument, the performing arts use puppets to depict the melancholic human relationships most vividly. Performances of this national important intangible folk cultural property can be viewed at a dedicated theater, or at the hall within the Center.

○Traditional industries experiences/tours
A wide range of cultural experiences are on offer at facilities across the island such as incense making and Awaji clay tile experience, as well as tours to Japanese sake breweries and sake tasting.