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Shimonoseki is located on the westernmost edge of Honshu and, with a population of 260,000, is the largest city in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The city enjoys a warm climate, few natural disasters and an abundance of beautiful nature. Bounded on three sides by the Kanmon Straits and the Sea of Japan, Shimonoseki has long prospered as a crucial transportation hub for western Japan as well as Japan’s gateway to the Asian continent. Shimonoseki is a true crossroads where people come to travel, meet and talk together. STCA invites you to hold a meaningful MICE in Shimonoseki, a city on the straits where history lives and breathes, offering its potential for the creation of fond memories.


Kita-Kyushu Airport→Shimonoseki:75 min. by bus and train
Fukuoka Airport→Shimonoseki:100 min. by bus and train
Tokyo Station→Shimonoseki Station:Approx. 5 hr. by train (Shinkansen via Kokura)
Shin-Osaka Station→Shimonoseki Station:Approx. 2 hr. 30?50 min. by train (Shinkansen via Kokura)
Hiroshima Station→Shimonoseki Station:Approx. 60 min. by train (Shinkansen via Shin-Shimonoseki Sta.)
Hakata Station→Shimonoseki Station:Approx. 30 min. by train (Shinkansen via Kokura)
Kagoshima Station→Shimonoseki Station:Approx. 2 hr. by train (Shinkansen via Kokura)
Yamaguchi Ube Airport→Shimonoseki:75 min. by bus

Venues overview

  Facility Rooms
Hotel 67 2,700
Ryokan 30 900
Total 97 3,600


Shimonoseki Tourism & Convention Association

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

Armor and Court Lady Costume-wearing Experience
Armor and Court Lady Costume-wearing Experience
  • Armor and court lady costume-wearing experience

    A perfect opportunity to experience a part of Japanese culture that cannot be experienced in daily life. Visitors can don genuine armor weighing about 20 kg or the costumes of court ladies, and princesses as well as yukata (light kimono) in the teien Japanese garden and at the Chofu Mori Residence. Matcha green tea is also served for a fee.

Support Programs for Convention

Support for bidding process
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
Site inspection Arranging an inspection trip for site selection
Support for hosting/preparation
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
PR Support for encouraging participation in the event
Supporting other PR activities
Conference and event preparation Providing information on PCOs, travel agencies and event management companies
Providing information on reception venues (including unique venues)
Providing information on related programs (local attractions, traditional performing arts, post-convention programs, sightseeing and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants)
Providing tourism information
Requesting nominal support
Coordinating with relevant organizations
Conference and event operation Arranging reception venues (including unique venues)
Arranging volunteers
Setting up an information desk
Providing maps/guidebooks for participants
Arranging shuttle buses
Providing convention bags
Hospitality Welcome posters and digital signage
Welcome message by the head of the local government
Providing discount tickets to tourist facilities
Providing discounts on public transportation
Dispatching tourism ambassadors
Related programs Making arrangements for attractions and traditional performing arts
Making arrangements for post-convention programs
Making arrangements for sightseeing and hands-on experiences of Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants
Arranging tour interpreters and guides