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Ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara River
Ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara River

Ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara River

The history of Ukai (cormorant fishing) on the Nagara River in Gifu dates back of more than 1,300 years. Pleasure boats for viewing Ukai, performed by 6 Cormorant Fishing Masters of the Board of the Ceremonies of the Imperial Household Agency, can be arranged for receptions that accommodate 1,000 participants.
Dry riverbeds along the clean-flowing Nagara River can also be used to host receptions .
Receptions begin with cooked and barbecued cuisine made from Gifu specialty ingredients, and local performing arts. Once it gets dark, participants can view Ukai (cormorant fishing) from the dry riverbeds.

Seating Capacity (Banquets)
Area(m2 Wi-Fi


1,000 (Passenger capacity: 15~50 guests per boat, 45 boats in total) 500~ (On the dry riverbed) - -
Directions About 15 min. by Gifu Bus from JR Gifu Station, Get off at Nagara-Bashi.
Food/drink Eating and drinking allowed
Indoor/Outdoor/Outside (With roof) Outdoor,boarding the cormorant fishing viewing boat
Accessibility There are several barrier-free viewing boats? [40 passengers: 3 boats, 30 passengers: 3 boats] and viewing boats with a toilet [40 passengers: 5 boats, 30 passengers: 5 boats]. Have a toilet dedicated boat too.
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Gifu City Cormorant Fishing Observation Boat Office

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