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Former Moji Mitsui Club
Former Moji Mitsui Club

Former Moji Mitsui Club

Built in 1921 as a customer entertainment and accommodation facility (social club) for the Moji branch of Mitsui & Co., we have hosted many VIPs, including Albert Einstein and his wife. In 1990 it was designated as a National Important Cultural Property and exists as a symbol of the Mojiko Retro buildings as a whole. The first floor has a restaurant and a multi-purpose hall, while the second floor features the Einstein Memorial Room and the Fumiko Hayashi Memorial Room.

Seating Capacity (Banquets)
Area(m2 Wi-Fi


80 80 901 -
*Capacity might be reduced as part of anti-COVID19 measures. Please confirm them beforehand.
Directions From JR Mojiko station: 2 min. walk

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