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Yokohama offers the convention organizer a wealth of options—from the world’s largest convention complex at Pacifico Yokohama to a versatile array of large and small convention facilities, from five-star hotels to budget accommodations. Visitors can also experience true Japanese culture at Sankei-en Garden and enjoy harbor cruises only a port town can offer. Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCVB) provides a variety of services to support organizers thinking about holding conventions in the city. Our experience with hosting countless international conferences and the hospitality of our residents make Yokohama a welcoming venue for your international conference.


Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Yokohama Station:25 min. by train
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Yokohama Station:30 min. by limousine bus
Narita International Airport→Yokohama Station:85 min. by train (JR Narita Express)
Narita International Airport→Yokohama Station:90 min. by limousine bus
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Minato Mirai Area,Yamashita Area:25 min. by train
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Minato Mirai Area,Yamashita Area:35 min. by limousine bus
Narita International Airport→Shin-Yokohama Area:100 min. by train
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)→Shin-Yokohama Area:40 min. by limousine bus
Narita International Airport→Minato Mirai Area, Yamashita Area:120 min. by limousine bus
Narita International Airport→Minato Mirai Area,Yamashita Area:100 min. by train

Venues overview

  Facility Rooms
Hotel 94 18,282
Ryokan 3 197
Total 97 18,479


Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau

Pre-/Post-Convention Programs

  • Kimono dressing experience
    Kimono dressing is extremely popular with foreign guests. Kimono dressing services can also be arranged at other venues, so don’t miss this chance to experience Japanese culture by donning real kimono.
  • Jazz
    Long known as a jazz town, Yokohama is full of jazz cafés and jazz bars that feature a wide variety of jazz performances that are perfect for parties.
  • Yokohama Chinatown Lion Dances
    An ancient Chinese traditional performing art done in Yokohama’s leading tourist attraction, Chinatown, during the Lunar New Year and other special times. Watch dragons and lions dance dynamically in time with accompanying gongs and drums.

4 Hours in Yokohama

Recent Trends in Regional Industry and Research in Yokohama

Medicine: Drug Discovery, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Medicine: Drug Discovery, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Together with other cities in Kanagawa, Yokohama has been designated as a Life Innovation Special Zone. A number of research institutes and companies in the region focus on drug discovery, regenerative medicine and medical equipment manufacturing.
Several leading Japanese research institutes, including RIKEN, Yokohama City University and the Yokohama Biopharmaceutical R&D Center, have research facilities at Yokohama Science Frontier.
Cutting-edge research is being conducted in the regenerative medicine field. For example, in January 2014 a Yokohama City University research group announced to the world its discovery of a method for creating organs from iPS cells.
Many businesses and researchers belong to the Yokohama Kanagawa Bio-Business Network administered by the Kihara Memorial Yokohama Foundation, which acts as a platform for sharing information on the latest research results and business activities.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Being selected as “FutureCity Eby the government, Yokohama City is committed to develop simultaneous solution of environment, economy and society.
In 2010, Yokohama City was nominated as one of the Next-generation Energy and Social Systems Demonstration Areas. Since then, the city has been promoting the Yokohama Smart City Project (YSCP) demonstration projects.
In cooperation with Japan’s 34 leading companies in the field of energy, electronics, and construction business, Yokohama City has introduced the system to optimize the energy supply-demand balance in the existing city areas with houses and commercial buildings.
From 2015, to utilize the technologies and know-how accumulated in the YSCP and to update the project from the demonstration stage to the implementation stage, Yokohama City set up a new public-private partnership organization, Yokohama Smart Business Association, aiming for the creation of an energy-recycling city with excellent disaster-resistance, environmental performance, and economic viability.
This project has been highly evaluated worldwide as it received the C40 Cities Award 2016 from C40 which is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change.
To communicate such low-carbon-society initiatives to the world, Yokohama City advises overseas cities on urban development and proactively shares its knowledge by hosting forums such as the Asia Smart City Conference.

Photo : Biomass power generation (sewerage treatment) (AP/C40)

Support Programs for Convention

Support for bidding process
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
Site inspection Arranging an inspection trip for site selection English
Support for hosting/preparation
Category Type of Support Availability Languages
PR Support for encouraging participation in the event
Supporting other PR activities
Conference and event preparation Providing information on PCOs, travel agencies and event management companies
Providing information on reception venues (including unique venues)
Providing information on related programs (local attractions, traditional performing arts, post-convention programs, sightseeing and hands-on experiences with Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants)
Providing tourism information
Requesting nominal support
Coordinating with relevant organizations
Conference and event operation Arranging reception venues (including unique venues) Multilingual
Arranging volunteers Multilingual
Setting up an information desk
Providing maps/guidebooks for participants
Arranging shuttle buses
Providing convention bags
Hospitality Welcome posters and digital signage
Welcome message by the head of the local government English
Providing discount tickets to tourist facilities
Providing discounts on public transportation
Dispatching tourism ambassadors English
Related programs Making arrangements for attractions and traditional performing arts
Making arrangements for post-convention programs
Making arrangements for sightseeing and hands-on experiences of Japanese culture for persons accompanying conference participants
Arranging tour interpreters and guides

Support Programs for Incentive Travel

Support for Promoting Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Site inspection support (provision of accommodation, food, tourist activities)
Creation of draft proposals, providing information
Support During Incentive Travel
Type of Support Availability
Airport transfer services
Welcome banners -
Chartered transport (e.g. coaches)
Prepaid cards for public transport
Venues (MICE facilities, unique venues)
Event management services
Recruiting volunteers to assist at events -
Excursions, technical visits etc.
Attractions, entertainment etc.
Experience programs
Local cuisine, traditional cuisine
Greeting at airport or station
Greeting or welcome letter from local government head
Travel brochures
Discount coupons -