Convention Conference Ambassador

Japan Conference Ambassador Program

Founded in 2013, the Japan Conference Ambassador Program recognizes notable professionals from leading academic institutions and industries who contribute to the Meeting & Events Industry in Japan. Appointed by the Japan National Tourism Organization based on recommendation letters of local convention bureaus, currently there are more than 50 professionals serving as ambassadors. With outstanding achievements, status, and connections in diverse fields, ambassadors help to raise awareness of the appeal of Japan as a meetings destination, by acting as a bridge between local research communities and the world of international conferences.

A leader in Asia: Japan ranks as the number one meeting and events destination in the region

Having hosted 492 registered international congresses in 2018 according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), Japan places first in Asia and 7th in the global rankings as a destination for hosting international meetings.
A key part of this success is attributed to the efforts of the Japan Conference Ambassadors. Working hand in hand with global organizations, ambassadors act as their local counterpart, helping organize and promote world congresses in Japan, achieving a legacy of high quality contents and participation.

Who are the Japan Conference Ambassadors?

Japan Conference Ambassadors are Japan-based distinguished professionals with significant influence in their respective fields. They are the top thinkers, innovators, and devoted researchers in local and overseas communities, and serve as the local representatives for international events held in Japan.

Merits of the Japan Conference Ambassador Program

The Japan Conference Ambassador Program provides both financial and technical assistance to ambassadors considering hosting international conferences in Japan, from the initial bidding stage, through the planning and hosting of the conference. For overseas associations and planners, if your field of work matches the specialty of an ambassador on the list, or if you're already in touch with any of them, JNTO can potentially provide additional support to your event through the respective Japan Conference Ambassador.