Convention Ambasador List

2023 Ambassador List

March 2023 Certification

  • Nao Suzuki, Prof.

    Professor and Chair

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, St. Marianna University School of Medicine

  • Hideo Yamanouchi, Prof.

    Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

    Department of Pediatrics Saitama Medical University

  • Daisuke Sakamoto, Prof.

    Associate Professor

    Human-Computer Interaction Lab Faculty of Information Science and Technology Hokkaido University

2022 Ambassador List

March 2022 Certification

  • Akio Ikeda, Prof.


    Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

    Dept of Epilepsy, Movement Disorders & Physiology

  • Takayoshi Sakai, Prof.


    Department of Rehabilitation for Orofacial Disorders, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry

  • Youichi Shimizu, Prof.


    Kyushu Institute of Technology

    Department of Applied Chemistry

2021 Ambassador List

October 2021 Certification

  • Takako Hashimoto, Ph.D.

    Vice President

    Faculty of Commerce and Economics

    International Center

  • Keiji Moriyama, D.D.S., Ph.D.

    Vice Dean

    Faculty of Dentistry

  • Shin-ichi Orimo, Ph.D.


    Tohoku University

    Advanced Institute for Materials Research

  • Teiji Tominaga, M.D., Ph.D.

    Vice President Tohoku University Hospital

    Professor and Chairman Department of Neurosurgery

April 2021 Certification

  • Takaaki Kajita,


    Science Council of Japan, the 25th Term

2020 Ambassador List

March 2021 Certification

  • Yoshihiro Deguchi, Dr.


    Tokushima University

    Patent Attorney

    Professional Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Yoshiko Tsuji, Ph.D.

    Professor, Director

    Environmental Science Center

    The University of Tokyo

September 2020 Certification

  • Toshio Fukuda, Prof.

    Visiting Professor

    Institutes of Innovation for Future Society of Nagoya University

  • Mitsuo Ochi, Dr.


    Hiroshima University

2019 Ambassador List

March 2020 Certification

  • Kumiko Haba, Dr. Professor

    Emeritus Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University

    President, International Studies Association Asia Pacific Region

  • Akira Hirose, Dr.


    The University of Tokyo, Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Graduate School of Engineering

  • Kazuhiro Kikuchi, D.V.M., Ph.D


    National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Department of Research Promotion, Research Promotion Office

  • Takao Mori, Prof.

    Field Director, Research Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (MANA) of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

    President, International Thermoelectric Society

September 2019 Certification

  • Takuo Tanaka, Dr.

    Chief Scientist


  • Keiichi Tomishige, Prof.


    Tohoku University, Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering

  • Wang Zhidong, Dr.

    Professor ,Doctor of Engineering

    Chiba Institute of Technology, The Department of Advanced Robotics

March 2019 Certification

  • Susumu Ohtsuka,


    Setouchi Field Science Center Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life HIROSHIMA UNIVERSITY

  • Isomi Suzuki,

    Managing Partner


  • Harumi Yano,

    Professor, Associate Dean

    Office of Medical Education, Center for Infectious Diseases, International University of Health and Welfare School of Medicine

2018 Ambassador List

September 2018 Certification

  • Ichiro Imai, Dr.

    Professor Emeritus

    Hokkaido University

  • Takehiko Satoh, Dr.


    Department of Solar System Sciences, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

  • Tetsuro Seki, Dr.


    Bunkyo University

  • Tsuyoshi Takada,


    Japan Atomic Energy Agency

  • Yoshiya Tanaka, MD., PhD.


    The First Department of International Medicine, School of Medicine

    University of Occupational & Environmental Health, Japan

March 2018 Certification

  • Ma Shugen,


    Department of Robotics, Faculty of Science & Engineering

    Ritsumeikan University

  • Noburu Notomi, Dr.


    Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology

    The University of Tokyo

  • Hideharu Numata,

    Program-Specific Professor, Institute for the Future of HYman Society, Kyoto University

    Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University

  • Juichi Yamagiwa, Dr.


    Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

  • Masahiro Yamaguchi, Dr.

    Sprecially Appointed Professor (Research)

    New Industry Creation Hatchery Center Tohoku University

2017 Ambassador List

October 2017 Certification

  • Shigekazu Fukuda, Ph.D.

    Section Manager, Radiation Quality Control Section, QST Hospital Quantum Medical Science Directorate National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology

    President, Japan Society of Medical Physics

  • Yoshimasa Kawata, Prof., Dr.

    Trustee / Vice President, Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University

    President of the Optical Society of Japan

  • Osamu Matsubara, Prof.


    Department of Pathology

    Hiratsuka Kyosai Hospital

  • Youhei Morita, Dr.

    Senior Manager for Academic Relations, Conference and Workshop Section, Dean of Research Office, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

    Coordinator, Okinawa MICE Network

    Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

March 2017 Certification

  • Shinichi Hirose, M.D.,Ph.D.


    General Medical Research Center, School of Medicine

    Fukuoka University

  • Takayuki Ito,


    Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics

    Kyoto University

  • Kenji Kabashima,


    Department of Dermatology

    Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine

  • Kazuhiro Matsuda,


    M Bio Technology Inc.

  • Makiko Osawa, MD,PhD

    Professor Emeritus

    Tokyo Women's Medical University (TWMU)

  • Kenjiro Terada, Ph.D.


    International Research Institute of Disaster Science

    Tohoku University

2016 Ambassador List

August 2016 Certification

  • Masanori Iye,

    Professor Emeritus, National Astronomical Observatory

    Member of the Japan Academy

  • Yoshifumi Kitamura,


    Research Institute of Electrical Communication

    Tohoku University

  • Kazuya Kobayashi, Dr.


    Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Communication Engineering Chuo University

  • Kei Takeyachi, DC

    Secretary General

    Japanese Association of Chiropractors

  • Tatsuya Yamasoba, M.D.,Ph.D.

    Hospital director

    Tokyo Teishin Hospital

  • Kazuya Yoshida,


    Department of Aerospace Engineering

    Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

March 2016 Certification

  • Seigo Kinuya, M.D.,Ph.D.

    Professor, Department of Nuclear Medicine

    Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University

  • Tokuro Matsuo, Ph.D.


    Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

  • Kimiro Meguro,


    Center for Integrated Disaster Information Research, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo

  • Tetsuji Yamaoka, Ph.D.

    Ph.D., FBSE Department of Clinical Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Komatsu University

    National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Research Institute (NCVC)

    President, Japanese Society for Biomaterials

2015 Ambassador List

August 2015 Certification

  • Hitoshi Isahara, Ph.D.


    Faculty of Psychology

    Otemon Gakuin University

  • Hiroshi Ochi, Ph.D.,MBA


    Kyushu Institute of Technology

    Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering

  • Nobuyuki Sakai, M.D., D.M.Sc.


    Neurovascular Research, Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital

  • Keiko Sasaki, Ph.D.


    Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University

2013/14 Ambassador List

September 2014 Commissioned

  • Hajime Asama, D.Eng.


    Department of Precision Engineering

    School of Engineering,The University of Tokyo

  • Chin Takaaki, MD,PhD

    Director of Robot Rehabilitation Center

    Director of the Hyogo Institute of Assistive Technology

    Hyogo Rehabilitation Center

  • Sachihiko Harashina, Ph.D.


    Chiba University of Commerce Doctor of Engineering

    Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Yuji Kurihara,

    Executive Director

    National Museum of Nature and Science

December 2013 Commissioned

  • Teruo Miyazawa, Ph.D.


    NICHe at Tohoku University

  • Hidehiro Mizusawa, M.D.,Ph.D.

    President Emeritus

    National Center Hospital
    National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry

  • Robert Y. Osamura, M.D.,Ph.D.


    International Academy of Pathology (IAP)

    Visiting Professor Keio University School of Medicine

  • Taiga Yamaya, Ph.D.

    Deputy Director

    Institute for Quantum Medical Science, National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology