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Otsu is located in the valley between Japan’s largest body of water, Lake Biwa, and the motherland of Japanese Buddhism, Mt.Hiei. Otsu is a repository of nature and history not far from the world-class tourism city of Kyoto.
The culture of this lake country dates back 1,300 years to a time before Kyoto was the country’s capital, and it attracts a great number of travelers with its colorful features to this day.

Otsu offers diverse metropolitan resorts and hot spring facilities for MICE.
Although the center for MICE is located in the heart of the city, the Biwa lakeside and Nagisa area is enveloped in a rich natural environment that enables you to participate in meetings and workshops in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Walk along the lakeside before your event or enjoy Otsu City’s history, cultural heritage, and magnificent nature afterwards.
Situated in the north of central Otsu, Ogoto Onsen is a historical site that was first opened 1,200 years ago. The simple high alkaline hot spring here has properties that make your skin silky smooth and greatly rejuvenate your being.

Blessed with an abundance of nature, Otsu offers an assortment of activities in settings filled with beautiful lakes, mountains, rivers and skies. Become one with the majestic scenery and transform your purifying experience in nature into a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

Otsu City's MICE Promotion Office is here to support everyone in implementing their MICE event.


Kyoto station→Otsu Station:JR (9 min.)
Kansai International Airport→Otsu Station:Haruka Express (75 min.) and JR (9 min.) via Kyoto station
Osaka International Airport→Otsu Station:Shuttle Bus (125 min.) and JR (9 min.) via Kyoto station
Tokyo Station→Otsu station:Nozomi Shinkansen (135 min.) and JR (9 min.) via Kyoto station


Otsu City Hall MICE Promotion Office

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